Flywheel festival at Bicester Heritage Saturday 2nd-Sunday 3rd July

I've been kindly given by the team who run the Flywheel Festival a media pass. I am hoping to be able to get some behind the scenes/track/air side images.

This event was run for the first time last year and it's a classic combination of exactly the type of classic car and aircraft, being driven/flown by the people who love doing so.


How I arrived at the photography name of Flywheel Photography

...Try as I might I couldn't find a photography name that expressed my wish to capture both classic cars and vintage aircraft either in flight,movement or static ( but with the people whom drive/fly or enjoy them ) . While there is indeed a remarkable  event that started in 2015 called the Flywheel Festival, it was actually 2 weeks before this that my father gave me a copy of the book by Tom Swallow and Arthur H. Pill entitled Flywheel. The title perfectly sums up what style and content photographywise I wish to capture and  share.

After searching the internet to ensure that the name wasn't being used by anyone else for photography as I love to do, I took the steps to get myself started and this is what I hope to be the start of my photographic journey, one I hope to share with you...?